Self-Funded Groups

At GuidantRx, we know that the pharmacy benefit is only a piece of a larger healthcare picture for employers, plan members, and providers.

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly dynamic, GuidantRx is committed to creating comprehensive prescription management solutions that focus on enhancing the member experience while controlling costs. GuidantRx differentiates itself from other large PBMs through the design and implementation of highly customizable plans delivering consistent value and savings. By focusing on this niche, GuidantRx remains nimble to meet the needs of our clients and their individual members.

What Makes Us Different


+ Real transparency with pass-through medication purchasing

Web-based Services

+ Web-based real-time and on demand online reporting and client portals


+ Access to a robust, customizable, nationwide pharmacy network

Mail Delivery

+ Convenient and cost-effective mail delivery of your medications


+ Scalable plan design to meet your program’s goals while controlling your costs

24/7 Help Desk

+ 24/7 member and pharmacy help desk

Our support team is readily available to support you with knowledgeable and personal service. Our team of highly skilled associates take a consultative approach leveraging their industry experience to create unique solutions that fits your business objectives.

GuidantRx can make things that you are already doing simpler, faster, better and more reliable. Contact us today to learn how.

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