Copay Assistance Programs

GuidantRx is an industry leader in co-pay assistance programs. We partner with pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare organizations to create payment platforms to remove barriers and support patient and provider compensation and reimbursement programs. GuidantRx specializes in creating flexible solutions that ensures the availability of your product and generate a positive brand experience.

Compensation and Reimbursement Programs

GuidantRx can create cost effective automated funds transfer programs that accelerates the payment process. We can support patient and provider reimbursement programs and market/clinical research studies. Payment data is easily accessible for reconciliation and audit tracking through our secure client portals.

GuidantRx can support:

  • Integrated support systems
  • Card production and fulfillment
  • Card activation
  • Fund management and reporting
  • Accelerated payment processes through ETFs, debit cards, or checks

Business Intelligence

GuidantRx offers business intelligence tools that are powerful and easy to use. Our comprehensive reporting tools deliver actionable insights to help optimize brand strategies and measure the impact of your programs.

  • Quickly import/export data into Excel and PDFs
  • Standard comprehensive reports
  • Ability to create customized reports
  • Automated pushed extracts

Our support team is readily available to support you with knowledgeable and personal service. Our team of highly skilled associates take a consultative approach leveraging their industry experience to create unique solutions that fits your business objectives.

GuidantRx can make things that you are already doing simpler, faster, better and more reliable. Contact us today to learn how.

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