About GuidantRx

GuidantRx, a subsidiary of Enclara Healthcare, is a strategic partner for biopharma, HUBs, and Patient Assistance Programs where we specialize in building co-pay card programs, provider reimbursements, and specialty pharmacy workflows with them. Through our customizable and innovative technology solutions, we help our partners streamline eligibility and reimbursement functions to create efficient access to medicines. Founded in 1993, GuidantRx has always been committed to providing flexibility and accountability to our customers.

GuidantRx also provides full service Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) that differentiates itself from other PBMs by being completely independent of pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurance companies and pharmacies. We focus on creating cost effective solutions for our clients by having the freedom to develop and implement solutions that are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients and their individual members.

What Makes Us Different

We provide seamless integration of all services

GuidantRx is able to provide seamless integration of all pharmacy benefit services such a pharmacy networks, specialty drugs, mail order and long term care services. We contract with over 63,000 pharmacies including over 500 specialty care pharmacies geographically dispersed across the country.

One Size does not fit all Clients

We offer a variety of programs, all of which can be customized to meet the needs of our clients. These plans include traditional "funded" pharmacy benefits, as well as unique offerings such as DirectRx4Less™ for employees that may not have a pharmacy benefit. We have pharmacy benefit plans that can be used “as is” or can be customized to meet any client’s needs.

Clinical Expertise

We have developed a formulary that is based both on clinical efficacy and upon cost effectiveness. By focusing on the promotion of the most clinically effective medications, not necessarily the most expensive, we have been able to develop a cost-effective formulary that will not only assist in controlling pharmacy costs, but will also help control medical costs by ensuring the patient is receiving the most clinically appropriate therapy.

We customize your Pharmacy Benefit to meet your needs

GuidantRx thrives on its dedication to assist companies of all sizes to develop effective pharmacy benefits that truly stretch the benefit dollar. GuidantRx can assist employers, government entities, HMOs, retiree programs, TPAs, Brokers, and other groups seeking to offer a cost-effective pharmacy benefit. GuidantRx is committed to providing pharmacy benefit management services, but also, to acting as a consultant to our clients. We are committed to developing a trust with our clients that is built on the foundation of total disclosure of all GuidantRx practices, policies and revenue streams.

Leadership Team

Rushi Patel


Jerry Kilkelly

Vice President, Pharmacy Networks

Working for GuidantRX

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